Lyn Asks the December Question — 4 Comments

  1. I was just out of college and living on my own when I got a kitten from a boyfriend. She was a beautiful calico cat. Since I loved Christmas I went all out and bought a live tree for the apartment I lived in. I had so much fun decorating it. Now the fun begins. First the cat would climb in the tree and sit on the limbs. She was pretty good with the ornaments but I used what I now call real tinsel. It was the slivers of tinsel the hung on the tree limbs (this was the 1970’s) and low and behold I found the cat running my apartment with tinsel coming out you know where. We both survived that Christmas but I never used real tinsel after that.

  2. We never had an issue with the tree with my other cats. The two I catsat were fine but then I got Libby and Henry. Mostly Libby. I had the tree up with no decorations and she was into it. It took several naps. Then I anchored it with weights (I rent cant put a hooks into wall or ceiling. I decorated it and left the bottom branches free. Last year I got a smaller tree and had it on a small side table tied down with weights. She did try to get to it but it did better than before. Henry just slept under it. I don’t put any of the fragile decorations on it. Some are glass ornaments over 60 years old that have survived babies, children, other pet cats etc but with Libby I am sure they will be smashed.

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