Lyn Asks the November Question — 36 Comments

  1. COUPLE 3 ~ they look in love and there are no other hints to their story so lots of imagination to exercise

  2. The book cover with couple #1 is something magic. You can see it in their eyes as they gaze at each other.

  3. Couple #1 has something magic about them. You can see it in their eyes as they gaze at each other.

  4. Couple number 3. They look happy and in love. They only have eyes for each other. The focal point of the scene is them without the greenery in the other two photos. The placement of her hand gives a sense of shyness but her gazing into his eyes reveals her intense love for him. He appears comfortable with her and is holding her captive with his smile and eye contact. Couple 2 was my second choice but her looking at the ring box breaks the intimacy feeling. She doesn’t appear to be excited. The first couple appear to be very new in their courtship.

  5. Depends on the age of your couple. Couple #1 looks young. I really like couple #2 except for the guy’s pants. Couple #3 I would like better if the sunshine wasn’t so bright between them.

  6. I love couple #3 because they look like they have a secret to tell. She just told him she is pregnant?

  7. Couple #1 something in their expression says they have gone through a lot maybe together maybe not, a maturity beyond their years and there’s a sigh of happiness, relief – something in their posture and expression.

  8. I like Couple #1 – their pose makes me wonder if they were always that close or did it take some time to develop closeness?

  9. Couple #1 — to me they embody the magic of romance, that moment you’ve been waiting for, the anticipation of that kiss

  10. I like couple #1. They look like they’re going to Eskimo kiss and they look like a playful twosome!

  11. I like couple #3. They look so in love and absorbed in each other that it just thrills my heart.

  12. I liked number 3. Number 2 caught my eye because she looks like a 16 year old, so yuck for me kn that one. It looks like the same guy in all of them.

  13. I like couple 2, it it a ring or something else that makes her happy. The joy and love shows in their faces, and I like the “not typical “pose.

  14. It was a toss up between couples 2 and 3. They both look so happy together. The ring in the couple 2 photo made me wonder about their relationship before they got there.

  15. I love couple#2. They are having fun as they hold hands. And the ring is a plus!

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