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  1. The Halloween my mom made us 5 kids and her and my dad clown costumes. This was before clowns became scary. They were so cute, and we had a ton of fun wearing them!

  2. My sisters are 9 and 10 years older than I am and they always got the pleasure of taking me trick or treating! I remember there was a little white block house about half way down the road. It always looked scary to me–even when it wasn’t Halloween! My sister marched me right up and they invited us in–and we went! There was an older bedridden lady that lived there and she wanted to see all the children–so you had to go in. Once inside they were popping corn and handing out little bags of popcorn. It smelled wonderful in there and I’ll never forget it. You certainly would not let your children do something like that today—but that was probably about 64 years ago. I often wish we still lived in that world!

  3. My two now grown kids each had a favorite costume they designed themselves. My son dressed as Michael Phelps right after his big Olympic wins. Swimming trunks, ear buds, and metals all across his chest. My daughter dressed as Martha Stewart in prison. She had an orange jumpsuit (with Martha’s actual prison numbers sewed on) blond wig, white apron tied around her waist and holding a spatula.

    As children my brother and I would travel up and down my grandparents neighborhood. We carried paper sacks then for candy. My brother was about 2 or 3 yrs old and his sack was pretty heavy. By the time we got back to the grandparents we discovered he had a hole in the bottom of his sack where he had been dragging it. Lost lots of candy on his trek. I was a good sister and shared some of mine with him.

  4. As an Aussie we didn’t have Halloween here its really only started slowly around 2000 and its grown since then but it was mainly dressing up by adults in shops. Now there will be places where people trick and treat but mostly it’s only where people have indicated they will do it. (Thats how it is in my town there is a trail with a list of addresses). Its also in Spring here.
    For Autumn which was March – May one of my childhood memories was when we lived on a farm. Autumn was when the trees were pruned and Dad would leave the branches for my brother and I to make forts and cubby houses to play in. I was so much fun to making them with the branches and once we got it done well we could play with it for a week or so till the branches were dying and they were taken away to be burnt. It was always fun but when we moved into town we didn’t have as many trees to prune that made good forts.

  5. My father served in Vietnam and I remember going back to spend the year with my grandparents in North Dakota. It was so cold at Halloween that we had to wear coats instead of costumes (but we had a good time).

  6. When my son turned 2, this would be his first Halloween where we would go “trick or treat” to the neighbors on our block. He was so excited. I made him a pumpkin to hold and put his candy in. My sister in law gave us one of her sons costumes. It was a cute little clown. I had invited my mom to come along. Our son was so excited about being a clown he had to tell grandma all about it. Well my mom showed up in a clown costume. Oh but the excitement on his face when he saw grandma was dressed like a clown also will forever be in my brain. Grandma took his little hand and led the way around the neighborhood. Our son was so proud to introduce his grandma to everyone, (even they knew her by this time). He is now 38 and still remembers that first Halloween

  7. One of my favourite fall memories was about six years ago when my family went to Alberta to be with my mother’s family. We rented some chalets in Banff and hung out with our grandparents and uncles, and and we had Christmas in October together. The mountains were breathtaking… It was a great time and I have some really fond memories of it 🙂

  8. I grew up in Houston, BC, a small town of 700 people in Northwest British Columbia, Canada.
    My Halloween highlight was going out after school in my neighborhood with a special UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) collection container we would return to school the following day.

  9. Every year my husband reminds me to buy candy. I put it off as long as possible because as soon as he knows I bought some he is eating it. There have been a couple of years that he ate it all before Halloween. Thankfully, we don’t have trick or treaters anymore since all out neighbors children are grown. Also, the town businesses give out candy and toys even if their stores are already closed for the day. We live in a small rural town with two stop lights so small enough to be safe.

  10. My small town elementary school put on a Halloween carnival in the gym every year since 1943. This year will be the 80th event. Lots of good food cake walks fish pond for the children and raffles for really nice grand prizes. I will attend this year as I am visiting my sister in my home town.

  11. My brother and myself were just laughing about what costumes were available when we were young, the ones that were a plastic face and the tiniest hole for the mouth and let’s not forget the tiny eye holes which none matched up to your face size. I can’t believe we thought we had the best costumes.

  12. I have fond memories of sorting my candy when I got home and giving my dad candy bars that had peanuts in them. I also remember saving my neighbor’s house for last because we had to do a trick for her first. That gave me time to plan what trick I would do.

  13. I do have wonderful memories of Halloween. Smelling the crisp fall air. Dressing my preschoolers up and dressing up with them. The excitement of little kids, visits to the church pumpkin patch and our church fall festival. Love your books!

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