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  1. I loved, and had many, turtles. Buy once my Mom caught a garter snake with her laundry basket, so, we had a snake. It would get out of its terrarium and once was behind the bathroom door when I wss taking a bath! It did not stay long.?

  2. Years ago I had a friend who had 2 ferrets, that’s as unusual as I can get. They were cute, slept in hammocks and she had several small litter boxes around the house for them. We’ve always been a cat family, the most my family had was 13, strays found us (still find my sister and me). One of them was a big, older cat we called Tom and he protected our cats if another animal bothered them. The cats were in and out, Mom or I would whistle at dark to get them back, let them in the sliding door until we went to bed. It didn’t seem like a lot until we started reciting names since they would be scattered.

  3. Gosh that’s a hard one to decide. Was it our Red-Eared Slider turtle, Scooter, who lived to be 40; or was it our 22 pound lop-eared Buster bunny; or was it our 8’ long Boa Constrictor, Victoria? We had them all at the same time back when my daughter was in junior high and high school. We loved them all but sadly not too many friends felt the same way…hmmmm!

  4. I or my friend never has unusual pets. Cats are my favorite pets because they clean up after themselves unless they leave you a dead mouse. Ha! I am sorry you lost your older cat, but your new kittens are beautiful. I can’t wait to find out what you named them.

  5. my girlfriend in High School had a pet SKUNK. I don’t remember it’s name but they loved that pet

  6. My favorite pet as a child was my small turtle.
    He was fun to watch, but even better was when I had to clean his habitat I’d put down some newspaper and let him crawl around, even up my arm!
    Also, my cousin was a true animal lover and had, at various times when she was young, crayfish, frogs, and rehabilitated a duck, baby birds and baby bunnies. As an adult, she had horses, cats, dogs and volunteered at an animal shelter. Her love of all animals knew no bounds.

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