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  1. In January of this year, God bless me with not working so I could take a trip to Florida to help my Aunt to get out of a funk she was in. I love helping people feel good and that this was the absolute joy of being there. It surely didn’t hurt to have to go to Florida. I live in Upper State New York. Our winter has been cold and muddy. For some reason we didn’t get much snow. I wish we did. The snow slows you down and cleans the air. Illnesses are ramped up.

  2. Alaska. The beautiful scenery. Both the warmth and the cold. Great family memories. The mountains and the water.

  3. My favorite trip of the many that we have taken was to Israel in 2010. A friend and I went from our church with another small group from another church. There were only 15 of us, so we had no long waits or lines. Israel is BEAUTIFUL! It is so amazing to see what the Israeli people, with God’s BLESSING, have accomplished to turn a very barren land into something glorious! There was great security there with the soldiers in constant readiness. To see the Garden of Gethsemane and the places where Jesus walked and mintered was SO soul stirring! I would LOVE to make a return trip someday!

  4. My favorite trip was a trip organized by my nephew to visit Glacier National Park. We traveled by plane, train and rental car. All my sisters went along as well as one niece and the nephew who organized it. We did as much as we could to see what we could in our week there! So much beauty and wide open spaces! A trip I will never forget!

  5. My sisters and I surprised our Mom with a trip to Ireland. We flew into Dublin and rented a car for our time there. We had booked a B&B thru out Ireland. We took turns what we saw each day. It was a 10 day trip and we saw 20 bars in that time. My Mom died 6 month later. We were so glad we took our trip to Ireland.

  6. San a Rosa Island! Still my favorite place with the beautiful ocean and the vast amount of space as you look out across the water. Truly had me feeling closer to God as I sat on His beach!

  7. My best trip was a pilgrimage to Israel in 2015. My husband and I went with an incredible group from Columbus, OH. We visited many sites from Jesus life and celebrated mass at many of them. Now when I hear readings at mass, I can often picture the location that events took place.

  8. My best trip ever was in September 2021 when my son took me and my husband to Maine.
    We spent 2 weeks there. We traveled by car up the coast. We visited so many lighthouses.
    I had many favorite places that we visited. The 2 favorites were seeing the state capitol of Maine in Augusta
    and seeing all the lighthouses along the coast. They were breathtaking. We also visited Acadia National
    Park and drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain. It is said that in certain times of the year that sunrise
    touches the slopes of Cadillac Mountain before any other place in the United States.
    Unforgettable Trip!!!!!!!

  9. My husband and I traveled in our RV with another couple in their RV out west. We had never traveled any further than New Orleans (we live in Alabama). Visited so many states and sites. Las Vegas, San Francisco, loved touring Alcatraz and pier 51 not to mention the Golden Gate Bridge. We went as far up as Oregon and Crater Lake was my favorite there. So many other places I enjoyed. It was a two month trip that I’ll never forget. We made two other long RV trips, Key West, and up north as far as Niagra Falls. Glad we made those when we did. Getting too old to travel long distances anymore.

  10. My best trip was an all inclusive adults only vacation to Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic last April. It was great to pay one price and have everything included; all kinds of nightly entertainment, beach towels, umbrellas, lounge chairs, food, drinks, and oh my the drinks. I am not a drinker but they made me excellent drinks. The service was outstanding and made us feel like kings and queens. We stayed 10 days and I have to say I was missing home on the 9th day. So next time 9 days. I would go every year if we could afford it!

  11. My best trip was to spend a week at my Aunt’s cabin in the Poconos in Pennsylvania when I was about 12 years old. The cabin was next to a lake where we rode on a motorboat and kayaks and went fishing and cooking on a campfire. My Aunt had a wringer washer since this was in the 60’s that I enjoyed using. It was two unmarried Aunts, my parents, and us five children. It was the best vacation ever. Since we lived in North Carolina at the time, that was a long trip in a station wagon and five children, ages six to twelve.

  12. My best trip was my trip to Europe with my daughter when she graduated highschool in 2004. I had always wanted to visit Paris and this was the chance. I knew it was probably the last big thing my daughter and I would do together and it turned out to be an amazing 3 weeks. We started in Rome and traveled through Florence, Venice and Tuscany. Headed to France and spent 5 days in and around Paris. One night we went up on the Eiffle Tower when the flashing lights came on. I’ll never forget that moment. Lastly we took the train through Switzerland and spent a week with long time friends hiking the alps and enjoying the beauty that can only be found in that amazing country. My daughter went on to college. Met her future husband, got married after graduation, moved to North Carolina and then a few years later moved back home and started their family which now includes 3 wonderful children. I will always treasure that Mom-Daughter trip and look back on it often.

  13. Alaska in June! I wanted to experience the long days and I was not disappointed. Friends in the military planned our trip and it was great. Whitewater rafting in daylight at 9:00 PM! Denali, which showed the peak…awesome!( it’s often in clouds.) The trip of a lifetime.

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