Chapter Twenty-Four Scene 4 La Belle Christiane — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you, Margie. You’re faithful messages have kept me revising!

  2. Lyn…I have absolutely loved this book and found this to be a wonderful conclusion to the story!! How else to end a love story without a full reconciliation?? I can see Christiane’s growth in her faith and John’s as well. I am sure that they will continue to grow in that love and faith as a couple. I hope that when we read the epilogue, there will be another little one on the way to bless them even more! I am very hopeful that you will find a publisher for this book because it is worthy of being published and read by many. I hope that some of my friends have read it and enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you so much for sharing Christiane’s story with us!!!

  3. Thanks so much, Ann. Your faithful readership has been a blessing. May I quote you?

  4. Yes, it was a very satisfying ending, a great story ending which left me glad I read it and not frustrated! It was brilliant to bring about reconciliation through the children and the thought that when the relationship is real, people stop treating each other as guests.
    I am very thankful for having been able to read this online. It is a great story which I recommended to friends, and they joined in and liked it also.

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