I’m Feeling Neglected-If I Offer You a Freebie, Will You — 6 Comments

  1. 1 Is it still available this fall?
    2. I know the series is New Friends St.
    3. I’ve been reading books for review lately. My favorite of the bunch is Beverly Lewis right now, and Jennifer Hudson Taylor, and Margaret Daley. I have some of yours waiting to be read in my basket.
    4. Have read several. i don’t have an E-reader, kindle, or whatever. I prefer reading the actual book. Easier on my eyes.
    5. One act of kindness I saw was a young man stepping up and paying for a elderly lady’s lunch at McDonalds.
    6 Your Christiane book is worth reading again. Will it only be availabe on E-Reader?
    Juanita W

  2. Liz and Kimberly,
    So glad to hear from you! Click CONTACT above and send me your mailing addresses if you want a copy!

  3. Sorry you’ve felt neglected. Stop by regularly but not to comment or read or review (so don’t enter my name, thanks), as busy w/ sick friend. Hope all is going well with your newest La Belle Christiane.

  4. 1. Yes, yes, and yes! Last update you wrote was that it would be available this fall. Is that still true?
    2. I know the series is New Friends St. but I don’t remember the name of the book.
    3. I’ve been reading books for review lately. My favorite of the bunch is Melanie Dickerson’s Christian YA called The Merchant’s Daughter. It’s based on Beauty and the Beast, and it comes out late November. It was fabulous!
    4. I adore my Kindle DX. Many of my review books come through NetGalley and I read them on my Kindle. Weren’t you thinking about buying an ereader?
    5. One act of kindness we saw recently was a young man helping an elderly lady load her heavy bags of groceries into her car. I hope she had someone at home to help her unload them.

  5. Thanks, Paula. I always enjoy hearing from you. I haven’t read any of Frantz’s books but the title is tempting!

  6. Oh Lyn I cannot believe that you are feeling neglected, you are too busy to say that. I love to read books and am now reading one by new author for me Laura Frantz “The Frontiersman’s Daughter”, I have been reading several of the amish stories one I just finished was by Beverly Lewis the #2 book in the Rose Triolgy “The Judgement” I now have to find #3 to finish this one. I have read several of your books just not recently one I recall was “The Healing Ways” thanks for sharing your books with us by writing and then so generously giving away copies. you are a special lady.

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