Lyn Reviews Roxanne Rustand’s Montana Mistletoe

Montana Mistletoe (Love Inspired)Montana Mistletoe by Roxanne Rustand
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ll say right up front that Roxanne Rustand is a dear friend. But as always if I don’t enjoy a book by a friend, I just don’t review it. Not every book is for every reader–even those by a friend. But this book was for me. And it was quintessential Roxanne Rustand. A book set on a Western ranch with lively characters that nearly leap off the page.

Roxanne delights in creating a family of great characters with sometimes harsh backstories. As usual, by the time the couple wakes up to the fact that they are ready to love each other, we are all smiling.

I loved the cover because the model of the heroine actually resembled Roxanne’s daughter! I also loved it that Harlequin put it out in True Large Print so much easier for my tired eyes. So if you are looking for a sweet inspirational holiday Western romance, this book’s for you too!

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