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Love Can Wait (The Best of Betty Neels)Love Can Wait by Betty Neels

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love Betty Neels because she reminds me of the English roots of romance–Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Georgette Heyer. She uses the same elements over and over–heroine in dire straits and masterful hero, usually a doctor, who rescues her. In this book, Love Can Wait, Neels does use the hero’s point of view which was something she dabbled with in her later books. And the hero and heroine travel to Norway not Holland as usual. One more difference in this romance, Betty Neels creates a curvacious and beautiful heroine instead of her usual Plain Jane. I liked that.

As an American, I’m always interested in the element of “class” differences which can separate a British couple. That really doesn’t exist for 90% of Americans. In America, I think it must only be a reality for the SUPER rich who inherit wealth. So that’s an intriguing difference between American and English romance. If you’ve never read a Betty Neels’ romance, you should at least try one. But remember it’s not your American Harlequin, definitely its charming English cousin.

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