British Mystery Author Veronica Heley & The Truth Can Hurt — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you. Yes, I think that is the right answer. But it was different in those days. Rightly or wrongly, children were protected from the knowledge of death . . . and yet death was all around us during the war.
    Times have changed, and the way we deal with those problems now is better – I think. Though I realise that others may not agree.

  2. No – sometimes the truth could destroy a person. If I do not like a person’s new haircut, I say it is different. If they are happy with it, I am not going to hurt their feelings.
    We should be about trying to find a way to encourage others. However I think when it is a medical condition it would have been wise to let the children know they could lose their daddy. Then they could treasure every day and every moment. Yet I understand because sometimes as a Mother I feel with my medical situations it is best my kids not know how much I struggle. But my grandkids – teenage ones – accept it and are a great help. My kids always know anyway as they have lived with it for 20 plus years.

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