Sarah and Angelina Grimke & Honor Cathwell–Sisters of the Heart — 11 Comments

  1. I do enjoy stories of these plain living people. Their history and lifestyle seems like a throwback to another time but not in a negative way. Sometimes things that are old are more valuable than the new. Thanks.

  2. Well, I must agree. I think that reading about other Christians helps us clarify what we believe and how we should live our faith.

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  4. Hi Lyn,
    I definitely love books about Amish, and now those with Quaker themes, too. I hadn’t really read many books with Quakers until I started reading your Wilderness Bride books. I don’t think I have read any Shaker fiction. I think it is interesting to learn about their cultures and what makes them different, yet the same from us.
    Congrats on your release of HONOR. I am reading it and I am loving it!

  5. Hi Lyn! Happy release day! Thank you for the introduction to the Grimke sisters and for sharing the informative video. I do enjoy reading books about Quakers, Amish, and Shakers. I always love your stories and am eager to read HONOR!

  6. I read Amish, Quaker and shaker books. Would love if there was more Quaker books coming out. When we lived in wi, I would play with the Quaker kids. I would love to read honor and post a review on amazon.

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