Author Renee Andrews & Giving a Gift No One Else Could

My guest today is Author Renee Andrews and she is going to tell us how she gave a gift no one else could. She’s also offering an autographed copy of Love Reunited and an autographed copy of Guideposts’ Mornings With Jesus 2013 to one commenter. So don’t forget to leave a comment! Here’s Renee:

In May 2010, I met a 24-year-old young man named Matt who had been on dialysis for 4 years.  He reminded me of my boys.  Matt had recently married and wanted to start a full life with his new bride, but the dialysis was gradually failing.  On the day I met him, I told my husband that I felt in my heart that I might be a match.  My husband said that no one in Matt’s family had matched.  The doctors anticipated he had 5-10 years to live if a match wasn’t found. 

I couldn’t get Matt off my heart or my desire to try and help.  I honestly believe God gave me that knowledge, whispering to my heart that I could help and that I should act on that desire.  Without telling Matt, I called the hospital the next day and asked if I could be tested.  They said it’d be a long shot but said I could come in for the first test.  They called the next week and let me know the first test matched. 

I went through two more months of testing, each test showing a match, before my husband and I invited Matt and Brittany to dinner to tell them what I was doing.  I’ll never forget telling them, seeing their tears and knowing that God wasn’t finished yet.  Sure enough, Matt and I both went through the remaining two months of tests and then on November 11, 2010, I donated a kidney that matched, according to the doctors, “better than a sibling.”  The odds were against us matching, but with God, all things are possible, and that match was all God. 

Now, it took more courage than I’d have thought I had for me to have the surgery that gave Matt the chance at a full life.  And I wouldn’t have had it on my own, but with God, I felt strong, able and blessed to have the opportunity.

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In my book Love Reunited, Georgiana Sanders was raised as the golden girl of Claremont, Alabama.  Homecoming queen and small town beauty, she is as stunning inside as out, and is loved by everyone.  She marries the star quarterback, moves to Tampa and begins what the town sees as a perfect marriage.  But when an accident takes her sight and Pete sees her as less than perfect, he becomes verbally abusive and then ultimately leaves his wife.  Georgiana returns to her hometown with their daughter Abi.  There, with the help of her family, the community, and her childhood friend Landon Cutter, she lets God speak to her heart again, telling her He loves her and that He will be with her always.  With God and with Landon, Georgiana finds the strength to truly live again…and love again. 

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Thanks, Renee, you have my respect. I would have enough trouble thinking of having surgery again for myself–much less someone else. Now don’t foget, Renee is offering a copy of her two books to one commenter. Here’s the question:

Have you ever seen someone demonstrate sacrificial love?–Lyn


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5 Responses to Author Renee Andrews & Giving a Gift No One Else Could

  1. Renee, I am in awe of your strength and courage, and finding it in your heart to give the gift of life to another.

  2. Jes says:

    Wow, that is an awesome story! What a great example of responding obediently to God’s prompting. I haven’t seen someone demonstrate sacrificial love in terms of donating an organ to another person but I do see others loving sacrificially in many other ways. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this story and for the giveaway!

  3. Angie W. says:

    Doesn’t every good parent show this at aleast one point in their child’s life? When my mother and I were in a very bad car accident in 1995, I was pinned in the car and even though she was afraid the car might catch fire, she still tried to pull me out without a second thought. We were both battered and bruised, but both made it out alive.

  4. Amber says:

    I know that Jesus made the ulitimate sacrifice. He died on the cross because he loves us all. I meet new people daily and many times I am invited into their homes. I am reminded often that parents make sacfices daily for their children. Because they love them and want better opportunites for them. I have one friend who I met through my job. They adopted a little girl knowing she had a life threatening heart condition. Right now she is on a ventilator at childrens hospital facing her 3rd heart surgery and she is only 7 weeks old. This family is sacrificing their money, time, and going through a very emotional roller coaster because they love this little girl. The media is full of negative spin. I find when I turn off the news and tune into people the storys I see unfold are not always easy but people rally around each other in prayer and in love. I’m thankful for people like Renne Andrews and her husband who are so willing to give of themselves for others. My prayer is that all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. What a beautiful picture of sacrifice!