Author Renee Ryan & a New Adventure into Fiction — 7 Comments

  1. Good morning! I’m loving all the responses. Journey’s End was a labor of love and I can’t wait to share Caroline’s story with the world. Interesting fact, I got the title from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Journeys end in lovers meeting. Every wise man’s son doth know.

  2. Justice is the fair way (hopefully) revenge is bitter and rarely solves the problem it intended to. This book sounds really interesting. Would love it!

  3. Revenge vs Justice. The difference between them…that’s a hard one. I think revenge is a desire to see blood for blood, a desire to punish, to make the perpetrator hurt, really hurt, and feeling a certain gladness that the perpetrator is hurting.

    Justice, I think, is seeking the appropriate penalty of the law carried out but not feeling any gladness that the perpetrator is hurting. One can seek justice and yet forgive at the same time, but revenge leaves no place for forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean we want to be all friendly with someone who has harmed us and made us suffer, but it allows a place for the perpetrator to learn and be rehabilitated and return to society [depending on the crime or sin]. Revenge wants to see the perpetrator keep paying and never be considered “rehabilitated.”

    I look forward to reading this book Renee. I have read several of your LI and really liked them. And I really like the cover of “Journey’s End.”

  4. Justice is needed at times but revenge is done in spite and neither profit. Love your books.

  5. Just stopping by to give a shout out to Renee on her new adventure in writing, love the LIH ones and know she will do great in this too.
    Don’t put me down for any wins as I read only print books. could not pass by without wishing her well in the new endeavor.

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