Author Ann H Gabhart & Her New Cozy Mystery — 25 Comments

  1. I don’t think my rather lengthy answer posted so i will just say Yes, yes, yes!

  2. Yes, hardships and loss definitely make us stronger. This past year I have dealt with a situation that I would never, in a million years, have thought I would face. I have prayed, I have waited, I have learned patience and I have “put my big girl panties on”! It isn’t over but I Will Prevail!!

  3. Glad you think so, Rory. It is a bit more suspenseful than my first Hidden Springs mystery. As one reviewer says, I’m stretching the limits of a cozy mystery.

  4. True, Connie. But there are some hardships I’d just as soon sidestep and hopefully learn insight by hearing the stories of others.

  5. Thanks, Christi. Glad the book looks like one you might like. And you’re right that sometimes it’s the hard times that make us stronger.

  6. Indeed, Lee. The Lord can give us strength to face what we must, but I do like the line in the Lord’s Pray. “Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil.” That’s good to pray for ourselves and our children and family. But the Lord can bring good out of everything.

  7. I believe hardship and loss make you stronger. Any experiences you go through gives you insight into dealing with the next similar one.

  8. Hi, Maxie. Glad your comment finally came through. You and how you lived are a great example to your family and others of how trust in God can get us through whatever life throws at us. I married young too and we didn’t have much, but as you say, we always had enough. And we always went to church and depended on the Lord to see us through. I do think young people have bigger expectations of what they have to have to get by these days. No cell phones, cable tv, and such in my younger days.

    My mother was the last person living in her birth family and that was hard for her. But think of the reunion happening for them in heaven.

  9. Hi, Peggy. Nobody likes to go through hard times, but sometimes, as you have, we end up in bad places often through no fault of our own. So good that you chose to go to church and lean on the Lord for help. We’ll pray that your daughter finds a way through her hard times and come out better on the other side. You are no doubt right that some things we have to experience and learn for ourselves. Good luck in the drawing.

  10. There’s always a rainbow, but sometimes the clouds are so thick we have to wait a while to spot that hope, Sunnie. I know someone going through one of those hard times right now and I pray she’ll be able to lean on the Lord to help her walk through her dark valley. Hope you have a summer full of blessings headed your way without any hardships.

  11. Sometimes it’s hard to see that when things aren’t going well, Patty, but it’s good you were able to feel God’s love through whatever storms of life you went through.

  12. Hardship always makes a person stronger I believe. I have lost all of my birth family except a brother. That was very hard but I always turned to GOD to help me through. And, HE has. When I married at 16, my husband made very little money. But, we always paid our bills first and just didn’t buy things we couldn’t afford. We trusted GOD then too, and we always had just enough to get buy. We never got money from anyone. This taught me a good lesson and to be a stronger person and made my faith in GOD stronger. Too many people are in trouble today for buying what they can’t really afford. And, never seem to understand why they can’t get by.

  13. Hardship has made me alot stronger I have been thru alot of bad abusive relationships and they have taught me so much. I have went to the church and the father and talked to him about a few just so i could deal with life. I noticed my daughter who lives in Ca is going thru some of what i did so all i can say is that it can;t be taught and must be learned by oneself. I can’t believe my 2 most fav authors are doing this Lyn and Ann. Thank you for offering the print copy i so hope i come close as fingers are crossed!

  14. Had some hardships.. I don’t know if they made me stronger or just added to things to get through somehow. And you do. And you know that God is there and helping you deal with what needs to happen in your life. It is wonderful to see the rainbow…and the blessings that come as well.

  15. Through every hardship in my life, I can look back and also see God working in the situation, even if it is not apparent at first sight. This definitely has made my faith in God’s love and care for me stronger.

  16. Yes, hardships have made me stronger.
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of Murder Comes by Mail.

  17. I think hardship does make a person stronger, helps them to grow. This book sounds great!

  18. I didn’t give any restrictions, Laura. Love my Canadian readers. Would like to visit the Canada sometime in the future.
    Sometimes it takes us a while to work through the hard things that happen to us. But maybe we should all be like Malinda and look each morning for the new blessings coming our way.

  19. Thank you, Kathleen for giving my first Hidden Springs mystery a try, and I hope you’ll like this one too when you get a chance to read it. So sorry your life has had some difficult stretches, but it’s good that you drew closer to the Lord to let Him help you through.

  20. Absolutely!!! In my church family, my work family, and my immediate family. I’ve found that whenever a hardship occurs, everyone always pulls together in each scenario. It has always made us see how much we depend on The Lord, in some cases I’ve seen people even come to know The Lord through a hardship. That is strength, His strength!!!

  21. Several difficult situations in my life have made me and my faith stronger. As our pastor likes to say, “God is much more concerned with your character than your comfort.”
    I thoroughly enjoyed Ann’s first book in this series and would love a chance to win this one. Thank you!

  22. Assuming Canadians can enter and receive a paper copy if they win, here goes.

    I don’t really know. Don’t think I’m there yet.

  23. Hardship does make one stronger. Looking forward to reading this book.

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