Author Beth K Vogt & Crazy Little Thing Called Love — 11 Comments

  1. I think in knew my husband was “the one” when I met him. But, he broke up with me. When I started dating someone else, guess who came to my door with flowers? Yep, my future hubs. He knes he messed up. Lol! We have been married 31 years now.

  2. I knew the first time I met my husband that he was going to be an important person in my life. 32 years of marriage later, he still is and I still do (love him to pieces)!

  3. I know I made the right choice when I said ‘I DO’ – just a few months ago in fact! He makes me smile everyday and makes me feel so good about myself. He believes in me more than I believe in myself I think=)

  4. I knew I made the right choice when I said I do because my husband had me laughing throughout the whole ceremony. I knew life would never be dull!!

  5. I think that the biggest choice I made was also to end a relationship. And that although the decision I made seemed so difficult then, I know it was right and that I would have had such a different life than I do. And I can’t imagine it any way but this way.

  6. I’ve made several decisons that I had to change my mind on but don’t recall any that were really the right choice in the first place. I’ve often second-guessed myself about my marriage because it ended in divorce. Maybe I shouldn’t have married him. But, I have two great kids I wouldn’t have otherwise, so I’ve decided not to worry about whether the marriage was a mistake or not. I’m just thankful for my kids.

  7. Lyn: How fun that you’re asking your readers the question Vanessa and Logan wrestle with in Crazy Little Thing Called Love: What if what you thought was your greatest mistake was actually the right choice? I know some of my mistakes remain just that: mistakes. I also know that God promises to bring good out of everything in my life — even my wrong choices. I also recall one choice I made that was labeled a huge mistake by many of my then-friends. I broke off an engagement. Everyone thought I was crazy because the guy was such a nice guy — fun, outgoing. But no one else was engaged to him — just me. And I didn’t share why I needed to end the engagement — and I had to bear up under a lot of pressure and judgement. But it was the right choice — and I met my future husband several months later.

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