Author Gail Gaymer Martin & A Mother and a Recipe to Love — 7 Comments

  1. I missed the broadcast on 6/24– been in the hospital and even on my BDAY the 26th 🙁 However, I love books like this and love to try the receipes I read in the books. I enjoy family recipes as it helps brings us closer as it seems dinner is the only time when everyone is there.
    I would love to read your book.

  2. My latest book I read was Amish Promises.It was a great book.She had to overcome promises she made and follow her heart.And also had to stand up to her brother to be able to follow her heart.

  3. Caroline Taylor is the daughter of a lighthouse keeper. When her father suddenly dies she is in danger of losing her home, her position as light keeper and all she holds dear. This character is from Jody Hedlund’s “Hearts Made Whole.” Caroline has the responsibility of raising her sisters and twin brothers, and a stronger character I’ve never seen! She overcame obstacles and barriers that make her quite a Michigan hero in reality. This character is based on a historic female lighthouse keeper.

  4. I am currently reading Torn Asunder whose heroine is Hannah, a Christian convert in N. Korea. What she has to go through to be Christian and to spread the word is heartbreaking. It is really an amazing book.

    A Mother to Love sounds like such a good book. I know I would love it. Thanks, too, for sharing the recipe. I think it sounds yummy!

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