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Gail Martin

My guest today is my dear friend author Gail Gaymer Martin. Gail has a great new Love Inspired Romance and a great recipe to share! When you leave a comment, you enter the free book drawing for an autographed copy of A Mother To Love signed to you from Gail Gaymer Martin. Here’s Gail:

I like strong women in my novels, ones who have flaws and problems, but survive because they are able to sort through the mess in their lives, face how they must grow and change to succeed and then do it.

Angie stands up against

In series novels, such as A Mother To Love, first book in the Lilac Circle series, some of the of the characters you’ll meet in Book 1 will grow and change as the series continues. In the first book, Angie stands up against her matchmaking sister and mother to find the man of her dreams. Finally to get them off her back, her coworker and good friend comes to her rescue to play the man of her dreams. Rick has a young daughter whom he adores and when Angie meets her, she understands why. Angie gets involved with five-year old Carly and teaches her to bake and to plant flowers. The child is in her glory and adores Angie. And so the story goes….

One thing that you find in most of my books

is cooking and recipes. At the end of A Mother To Love, as usual, I include a recipe that Angie makes for dinner one night. It happens that this is a real recipe in our home, and we love it. It’s low-fat, easy and fast to make, and since it’s a crock-pot meal Angie can work in her home or go outside with her flowers and not worry about her dinner being late. I’ve always been a creative cook so we’ve come up with many great meals, but this one is my husband’s, an excellent cook. I’m a blessed lady.

Angie’s Crock Pot Fiesta Chicken

Serves 6


6 (4 oz. Each) Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
1 (1.5 oz.) Packet Taco Seasoning Mix
1 Cup Salsa (Mild, Medium, or Hot)
1 Tbsp. Cornstarch
1/4 Cup Fat Free Sour Cream

Spray crock pot with non-stick butter flavored spray. Place chicken into crock pot. Sprinkle Taco Seasoning Packet on top of chicken. Pour salsa over seasoned chicken. Cook on low for 6-8 hours (I actually cooked mine for 11 hours). 15 minutes before serving, take chicken out of crock pot. Mix cornstarch with a little water and a little juice from crock pot. Pour mixture back into the crock pot and stir. Add sour cream and stir until smooth. Place chicken back into the crock pot and heat until everything is hot again. Eat with rice, or it’s tasty on baked potatoes. If the recipe is too large for your family, it freezes well. Enjoy and let me know if you love it.”–Gail

A Mother to Love

To purchase, click here. A Mother to Love (Love Inspired)


An Unexpected Family

Angie Bursten wants to find love on her own timeline. Tired of her family’s interference, coworker Rick Jameson comes to the rescue—as her pretend boyfriend. Angie starts to spend time with Rick and his adorable daughter, Carly, and what began as a hoax soon feels all too real. Betrayed by the woman he’d married, single dad Rick is slow to trust. But seeing Angie with Carly, he can’t ignore the way he feels for his beautiful coworker. And when Angie helps Rick with the toughest battle of his life—gaining full custody of his child—there’ll be no more pretending. If they can open their hearts, Rick and Angie have a real shot at happily-ever-after.

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What a great recipe, Gail. And a great thought–a strong woman is strong enough to change. On Monday, Beth K Vogt visited and talked about thinking that a decision was the wrong one and it was right instead.

SO TODAY’S QUESTION: What heroine have you read about that was able to meet a challenge and change for the better? Leave a comment to enter the drawing for a copy of A MOTHER TO LOVE!

I’ll go first: Lately I’ve read two cozy mysteries by Mindy Quigley, her heroine Lindsay was abandoned by her mother as a child when her mother went to prison. And subsequently on each occasion when her mother came into her life, Lindsay has been disappointed and let down . Now again her mother has come into her life. Can she trust her this time? If she’s wrong, she could die. So what heroine have you read lately and what change or challenge did she face?–Lyn

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7 Responses to Author Gail Gaymer Martin & A Mother and a Recipe to Love

  1. Lisa Foster says:

    I missed the broadcast on 6/24– been in the hospital and even on my BDAY the 26th 🙁 However, I love books like this and love to try the receipes I read in the books. I enjoy family recipes as it helps brings us closer as it seems dinner is the only time when everyone is there.
    I would love to read your book.

  2. Jackie Tessnair says:

    My latest book I read was Amish Promises.It was a great book.She had to overcome promises she made and follow her heart.And also had to stand up to her brother to be able to follow her heart.

  3. Caroline Taylor is the daughter of a lighthouse keeper. When her father suddenly dies she is in danger of losing her home, her position as light keeper and all she holds dear. This character is from Jody Hedlund’s “Hearts Made Whole.” Caroline has the responsibility of raising her sisters and twin brothers, and a stronger character I’ve never seen! She overcame obstacles and barriers that make her quite a Michigan hero in reality. This character is based on a historic female lighthouse keeper.

  4. Sunnie says:

    I am currently reading Torn Asunder whose heroine is Hannah, a Christian convert in N. Korea. What she has to go through to be Christian and to spread the word is heartbreaking. It is really an amazing book.

    A Mother to Love sounds like such a good book. I know I would love it. Thanks, too, for sharing the recipe. I think it sounds yummy!