Author Jessica Nelson & Being a Woman is Hard — 10 Comments

  1. The strength of a woman is not measured as much by what she can DO, as much as what she can endure, and most women don’t know much they can endure until they have to. The death of a child, divorce and division of a family, the loss of a parent, are all things that are difficult for men as well, but they do seem to strike straight to the heart of a woman. I’ve never lost a child, thanks be to the Lord, but have survived 2 divorces and lost my mother at the age of 10, only to move in with an alcoholic father. But I celebrate the positives. I have three healthy, intelligent, responsible kids who are raising good kids of their own. I have always been able to financially support them and myself. My husband of 11 yrs swears he does not understand how I came thru so pure of heart. And I celebrate that. That the Lord kept the flickering flame of love alive in my heart so that when I did meet the man meant for me, I was strong enough to overcome any fear of previous failures and GO FOR the happiness I now have.

  2. I think the only time I’ve felt that way was during PE classes in high school since the boys were more physically dominant and we’d have to split up where they would play a strong game and the majority of girls would play a weak game. It was frustrating but I wasn’t competitive enough to play with the guys.

  3. Great post. Yes, God made women VERY strong, indeed! We have to be for so many reasons.

  4. For the most part, no. However, I used to work with Developmentally Delayed emotionally volitale youths and some people said that because I was a woman I could not restrain as good as a man. I proved that I could, mostly because I’m a tall woman and I used it to my advantage. I thank God that I don’t have to do that any more (I work with the more sedate elderly population now) because I don’t think I could do it now!

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