Wisconsin Author Carol Voss & My Mom’s Cornish Pasty Recipe — 15 Comments

  1. Hi MaryGrace,

    What a pretty name. My favorite aunt was Greta Murphy who lived in Ridgeway. I’m curious whether you knew her or her family?

    We were never lucky enough to be served pasties at school. I think it’s interesting that your sister is designated the pasty maker in the family now.

  2. Hi Ann,
    You’re too modest. Your crusts are great. They’re not Gramma’s; they’re yours, and our whole family looks forward to your pumpkin pies every Thanksgiving. Yum.

    Ann is also a reader and an author, two more bonds we share.
    Thanks for stopping by, Ann.

  3. Hi Sonja,

    My husband is German, and we go to a German supper club that does an amazing smorgasbord once a month. Rouladen is my favorite along with the red cabbage that goes with it. Yum.

  4. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for stopping by, Susan. I hope your pasties turn out great.

    Our little Captain is as sweet as he is cute. Do I sound like a proud mommy?

  5. Hi Sheila,
    Pasties freeze really well. Talking about them makes me hungry for
    one. 🙂

    I’m glad you like the book cover. I spent a long time looking for the perfect picture, and knew it the moment I saw it. Rogenna Brewer put the cover together for me. Talented lady.

  6. Hi Virginia,

    Crust is tricky. I was told it takes practice, but having practiced, I’m convinced I never inherited the crust gene.

    Our puppy is a lot of fun and makes long walks a necessity rather than a choice which is good.

    I love that you have my first book on your keeper shelf. You made my day.

  7. Yes, there is a regional dish passed to me by my family. It is German Rouladen. I love it, that and the German red cabbage that goes right along with it. Forgot to answer the question this morning!

  8. I had no idea what a pasty was. It sounds a bit like an empanada, but with a much thinner crust. I’m horrible with crusts, but the recipe sounds great.

    My mother and grandmother made some wonderful dishes, but no matter how hard I try, most don’t turn out right.

    Love the dog and your cover is fabulous. Sounds like a great story. Your first book is on my keeper shelf.

  9. Carol, this recipe sounds like it would be quick to make. Plus, I am guessing it could be put together ahead of time, then frozen for a fast on-the-go meal. Yummm!

    I love your book cover and your book sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi, Lyn! Hi, Mom!

    Wow, these are some fun memories.

    I’m Carol’s daughter, and I have to second her comments. You wouldn’t believe how many problems I had trying to make my grandmother’s crust for pasties or pies. My gramma could do it all by feel, and when she was helping me, I was pretty good at it. But as soon as I tried to make the crust by myself, it wouldn’t turn out.

    Now with the written recipe, my crust still isn’t as consistent as hers was. But it’s sort of close! My pasties aren’t quite as good as hers were, either. But they are better than any others I’ve tasted… except my mom’s, of course. 🙂

    And I’m not sure which is more adorable, the baby on A Baby for Sarah or that puppy! I think I’ll choose both. 🙂

  11. Your recipe for pasty really takes me home. I grew up in southwestern Wisconsin near the mining area of Mineral Point. Pasty was prepared by my mom and both grandmothers. It was even served at school. Everyone was excited to eat that day. I don’t make it, just enjoy eating it. My sister is the pasty maker in the family now.

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