Author Maureen Lang & Marriage of Convenience Romances — 14 Comments

  1. My recent favorites: The Bargain by Shana Hatfield
    The Marshall’s ready-Made Family by Sherri Shackelford
    Wolf Creek Wedding by Penny Richards
    Pony Express Christmas by Rhonda Gibson

  2. I do, it always seems as though, even though there is a struggle, love eventually grows and becomes real. Love that!

  3. I enjoy marriage of convenience stories, especially by good writers like Maureen, because I am drawn into the story by the way the relationships unfold ever so slowly. I like to read them when I am in my own quiet world and imagine the story like watching a movie in my mind. I can hardly put the story down, but if sleep overtakes me I do so look forward to find fishing my work day and snuggling under the covers and I to the story once again! I would love to win a book or two! Cathy Harvey

  4. I really enjoy marriage of convenience stories.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I love marriage of convenience stories and I would certainly love to read this one. Thank you for the opportunity!

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  6. I love marriage of convenience and mail-order bride stories, too. It’s always fun to see two complete strangers gradually fall in love. My favorite to date is Laverne Spencer’s “Morning Glory,” which takes place in the 1930’s. A young widow, needing help on the farm, hires a man to be her husband, and of course they eventually fall in love.

  7. I enjoy all Christian fiction. I’ve read a few Marriage of convenience fiction stories. Mostly I’m into reading Amish fiction. I have read many marriage of convenience in this genre. For example an Amish man married with say 4 disposes his wife. After a decent time of morning he will often marry a younger girl to keep his house and raise his children. Often in these stories the couple may fall in love after they’ve been married for a while.

  8. I don’t need to be in the contest because I already have the book, but I’d like to say why I love marriage of convenience stories–I think they reflect a reality about marriage. The couples go into the marriage with low expectations about love but committed to making the arrangement work. Their love deepens as they learn about each other at close quarters and become friends first.

    Similarly, a good marriage is built on commitment, not building up your expectations to ridiculous levels, and working on friendship as well as the physical relationship. I’m looking forward to reading these stories!

  9. I love marriage of convenience stories and am eager to read this novella collection! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful guest post and giveaway!

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  10. My favorite book of marriages of convenience? “Morning Comes Softly” by Debbie Macomber. Why? it’s just a good read about a man who loves his nephews and niece, and a lonely lady. Thanks.

  11. Marriage of convenience and mail order marriage stories are my favorites! I love collection like these because they also help me find new authors. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

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