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  1. Hi Miralee!! I miss being close enough to buy books from you …. each one I have read I could not put down.. Your books are never a chore to read, never a dull moment, or forced reading/skipping pages, etc. Your stories keep me interested throughout!

    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. I wish I had one more day with my mom. To go on vacation with her. To take more time and make more memories
    For my adult daughter I would tell her to slow down and make memories.
    Family is very important never take then for granted.

  3. Wow, I can’t even imagine 3 teen girls at once! I went through a few ups and downs with our daughter during those volatile years, as well, so I truly empathize with you. But like you, we now have a wonderful relationship most of the time, and I’m ever so grateful! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Marjie!

  4. I am a mom of two young girls (5 and 2) and all I have found so far is I have a lot to learn about girls 🙂 I have 3 older boys and my girls are totally different. I try so hard to make sure I’m guiding my daughters.. And I always am left wondering if I am doing it right.

    My relationship with my mom growing up always seemed strained. I often felt I was in the way or just never good enough. Even as an adult and a mom I still feel like I will never add up to whatever my mom expects from me. In regards to this.. I don’t even know what I would ask her.. Or tell her
    There is a lot of hurt. In all complete honesty I just want to not leave my daughters with the hurt I still feel from my own mom. I love them so much, and try to keep a positive attitude in teaching and correction. It is a lot of learning on my part too!!

  5. I can so relate to the stress between mothers and daughters. My baby is getting married this Saturday. My husband and I both feel that all she wants from us is the pay the bills. I have been sick the entire time she has been engaged and she doesn’t understand that while I am healing my energy levels are not back up to normal. I am thrilled that she is marrying a fine Christian man but right now I will be glad when the wedding is over.

  6. Thank you for the giveaway! I enjoy reading Mrs. Ferrell’s books!
    I have been so blessed with a good mother! I didn’t show my appreciation as I should, and I wish I could tell her again how much she means to me!

  7. I have a close relationship with my own mother and we are good friends. I gave birth to 3 sons and have a step-daughter and 3 adopted daughters. The role between mom and daughters has been the usual up and down roller coaster all through the teen years but has settled down into wonderful relationships as they have all grown to adulthood and have children of their own now…having 3 teen daughters at once was a challenge but we all survived!!!

  8. I am blessed with a wonderful relationship with my mother. She is a strong, intelligent woman and set such a great example for us all. We never had a doubt we could accomplish what we set out to do…and that we had a solid ally behind us, cheering us on. I don’t have any children, but I would hope I’d have been the same kind of role model had I had a daughter, too.

  9. Hi Jackie, thank you for stopping by and for mentioning The Other Daughter. I’d say that Blowing on Dandelions has more similarities (as far as tone/subject matter/family issues) to it than to any other book I’ve written. That’s awesome that you pray scriptures for your daughter! I do that with several things in my life, and it helps tremendously.

  10. Sharma, one thing I could suggest is for you to ‘adopt’ a young woman or older teen in your church or community who doesn’t have a good family life or doesn’t have family living in the area. Be a ‘mama’ figure for her, invite her over, and invest in her life. It will help fill a hole in her heart and yours!

  11. I read The other Daughter and loved it; anxious to read more of your books …especially this one.
    I have one daughter (only child)… now in her 40’s…she is strong and courageous, and I have always prayed several scriptures for her!
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Jackie Smith

  12. I wanted a daughter so much but I have 3 sons and 2 grandsons. My grandparents raised me. and they have now passed on. But, I appreciate the fact they raised me to have good moral values and mamaw always took me to church. Sharma Darby

  13. Angie, you’re very wise to want to point your daughter toward appreciating her inner beauty and the gifts God gave her, rather than dwelling too much on exterior looks. If children can learn that lesson young, they’ll be less judgmental to their friends and more accepting of themselves, as well. It sounds like you’re doing a great job as a mom!

  14. Hi Paula, aren’t boys fun! I have a son and enjoyed raising him and still have an awesome relationship with him now as a married adult. But I also have a daughter who I loved, as well. I think you’d enjoy my book even if you haven’t had issues with a daughter…it also contains a romance and some laugh-out-loud moments, so it’s not a heavy book. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Good morning ladies, I never had a daughter only sons but have seen in my sister-in-law the problems that can be there between a grown young lady and her Mom…It sounds like this would be a great one for her to read and I will have to share with her when I read it. thanks Miralee for choosing such a subject to write about.
    Paula O

  16. I am very blessed!! I’ve never married and my Mother and I live together. We had some rough patches in my younger years, but we’ve always been close. She’s not only my Mom, but my best friend. I had a friend tell me that he’s never seen a mother-daughter that can live together, be friends, travel and just do anything they want to together.Thank you Lord for my precious Mother!! I would love to read your book!! Thank you for entering me in your drawing!!
    Barbara Thompson

  17. There are so many hard questions I’d like to ask my mom. I had my oldest child when I was in my early 20s and already finished high school. I think the question I’d like to ask her is how scary was it to find out as a teenager she was pregnant and how it changed her relationship with her own mom.

    As the mother of a daughter who’s only 5, I haven’t had too many issues so far although I expect some big hurdles in the oncoming years. I want her to know her beauty is worth more than anything ugly anyone can say to her. I don’t think girls and women are told this enough in their lifetime.

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