Author Naomi Rawlings & The Strength to Overcome our Failures — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Naomi,

    I agree with Sunnie. The places I’ve most felt that subtle pressure have been work-related. Someone commented to me recently that work often gives adult bullies a place to act out. For some reason, everyone else seems to fall in line and conform rather than object. I do find that praying helps me to stay focused against the pressure.

  2. I suppose that’s one nice thing about writing from home like I do. I don’t have to deal with some of those work pressures. But still, there are pressures from publishers and agents. “If your book doesn’t sell so many copies, then we drop you.” Not fun. 🙁

  3. I find that happens at work. When someone’s opinion changes all the rules, but doesn’t make things better, just harder. It seems to happen more and more these days.

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