Author Shanna Hatfield & Strawberry Shortcake- YUM! — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Shanna,
    I always make my own shortcake 🙂 don’t like that spongy store-bought version. We’re blessed to have a small patch of strawberries in our yard so in the summertime I get a fresh, tasty strawberry shortcake.
    Best wishes on your book! I write nonfiction but have many fiction author friends. The two-worlds theme is something I can relate to as my new nonfiction is about “parenting” the Amish who left for the English world.

  2. Favorite summer time treat – peaches fresh from the tree!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE PEACHES!!! and peach pie with crumb topping is the best but you must use fresh peaches – only way to make a peach pie.

  3. Thanks again for hosting me today, Lyn! Love the story about your mom’s waffle-cake. That is priceless!
    I’ve never heard of Date sugar or shakes either, Sunnie. Sounds really interesting!

  4. So as a teenager in Southern Cali, I lived in the “Date Capitol of the World” as it was called. The favorite summer treat of mine was a Date Shake. It was absolutely delicious. Although I don’t live there now, when I go to California, I always stop by the date stores and pick up a big supply of date sugar so that I can make them for the grandkids every Sunday. They are now addicted to them and they can’t be without!

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