California Author Keli Gwyn & Family of Her Dreams

Keli Gwyn

It’s my pleasure to host a brand new author Keli Gwyn. Welcome, Keli. She is also offering A BOOK GIVEAWAY so be sure to leave a comment after the QUESTION below. Here’s Keli:

California Author Keli Gwyn & Family of Her Dreams

Imagine being three-years old and left on the steps of an orphanage. That’s what happened to Tess Grimsby, the heroine of my first Love Inspired Historical, Family of Her Dreams. Alone and terrified, Tess faced life with a gruff orphanage director and little hope of ever being adopted.

Fast-forward thirteen years. Tess, now sixteen, is given the opportunity to care for the children of a family traveling to California. Eager to make a life for herself, she embraces it.

The next nine years Tess is busy caring for other people’s children while longing for a family of her own. She’s forced to face the possibility that she may never be a wife and mother.

As Tess’s twenty-fifth birthday approaches, her situation takes a turn for the worse. She’s dismissed from her job. With a lackluster recommendation and precious few coins in her purse, her hopes of finding a governess position are dim. She must remain brave in spite of her dire circumstances.

Recent widower Spencer Abbott needs a housekeeper to care for his two young children and hires Tess. She’s thrust into the midst of a family in the throes of grief. Having witnessed loss repeatedly, she feels certain she can minister to them.

The job proves to be tougher than Tess thought. Tess must draw upon her inner strength—and her faith—to face each threat even when her dream of a Family of Her Dreams seems impossible.

Life for women in the West wasn’t easy. Their resilience, resourcefulness and courage are qualities I admire and seek to showcase in my stories. Tess embodies them all.

Thanks for hosting me, Lyn, and for enabling me to showcase the strength of the heroine in Family of Her Dreams.”–Keli


Family of Her Dreams

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A Family to Cherish
Headstrong Tess Grimsby loves her new job caring for the children of a recently widowed man. But she never imagined that she’d fall for her handsome employer. Yet Spencer Abbott is as caring as he is attractive, and Tess can’t help but feel for him and his family. Though, for the sake of her job, she’ll keep any emotions about her boss to herself.

Between his stationmaster responsibilities in a gold-rush town and trying to put his family back together, Spencer has his hands full. He soon finds his new hire’s kind personality warming his frosty exterior. But could he ever admit to seeing her as more than just an employee?

For more online:

Twitter: @KeliGwyn

QUESTION: Keli is from California. Do you think where you come from shapes who you are? Are Midwesterners really different from Southerners? What’s your take?–Lyn


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8 Responses to California Author Keli Gwyn & Family of Her Dreams

  1. Susan Floyd Fletcher says:

    I think the region, heredity, and environment influence a person and shape them into what they are.

  2. Merry says:

    I think where you come from helps define you in some ways. Maybe it’s your accent or your approach to people. I’ve lived all over the US and it’s so interesting to meet new people. Right now we are in MN and the phrase “Minnesota nice” is so true, the people are so friendly!

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Merry, I think you’re on to something. We Californians are known for talking fast and living fast. Sadly, many of us live Express Lane lives. You would meet many wonderful people here, but there are days I wish we Californians could learn to slow down and savor life.

  3. Yes, I do believe there are some differences! I moved from Nebraska, being born and raised there, to Florida when I was 47. One of the first things I noticed was how SLOW people move down here. When we would go shopping it seemed like we would be in a checkout line forever!

    wfnren at aol dot com

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Wendy, your comment made me smile. I wouldn’t have thought of Floridians as being slow, but you are in the South. When my family and I visited Texas a number of years, I was struck by the difference in pace. Life moves much more slowly there than it does here in California. Our relatives even talked more slowly than we do. =)

      Here in California, we’re all about speed. Life moves at a frenetic pace, which can get wearing at times. We talk fast, too, cramming words together (e.g. gonna for going to) and clipping the ends of words, especially those with ing endings.

  4. Sunnie says:

    What an interesting story line. I am excited to read this one.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Hi, Sunnie!

      Thanks for your kind words about my story. I had such writing it and spending time with Tess, Spencer and his children.

      What part of the country do you call home? Do you think where we live shapes who we are?

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