Lyn Interview Mystery Author Suzanne Young — 12 Comments

  1. I love all of the covers, but my eye is immediately drawn to MURDER BY YEW. Love the clever title too.

  2. Sorry to be late with this. I’ve enjoyed all of Suzanne’s books, and I love seeing Edna grow in confidence and strength. She’s proof that you can have an exciting life no matter what your age!

  3. I have not read any of her books so hope I win and get to review it. I love the cover of the book shown on here. If you are on Lyn’s blog, then that is enough for me to recommend you to read.

  4. Suzanne, Thanks so much for being my guest and also for writing such good books!

  5. Hi, Jodie: Actually, there are so many distractions, now that I don’t have to “report in,” I find I have to treat writing as if I’m going to a job. The good news is, I can set my own hours and I’m my own boss. “Murder by Christmas” is progressing along nicely since I settled on this routine.

  6. That one is special because it was done by a local Denver artist. She’s young and very talented, I think.

  7. Hi, Suzanne. Do you find it easier to stay immersed in your story when you’re writing now that you are retired?

  8. The cover of Murder by Mishap is eye catching but I prefer the cover of Murder by Yew.

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