Lyn Interviews Best-Selling Author Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber

I’m pleased to have a chance to interview best-selling author Debbie Macomber today. I was privileged to hear her speak at a writing conference in Hawaii in 1995. Her words in her keynote address touched me as her books, especially the Cedar Cove series have. Here’s Debbie Macomber:

1-Share one fun or interesting fact about your life or books.

Many of you may or may not know that I grew up with a wicked brother.  Surprisingly he turned into a decent adult but from the time he was born he was a constant thorn in my side. Still, I have to thank him for one small evil deed that headed me in the right direction early in my pre-teen years.  My brother was responsible for my very first sale.  It’s true.  Terry, with two accomplices–my cousins Doug and David–made copies of my diary and sold it to the boys in my class.  It was a best seller.

And you let him and your cousins live to adulthood? Amazing.

2-Why do you write?

I am happiest when I am at my desk writing.  When the story is strong inside of me, I live, breathe and sleep with those characters rummaging around inside of my head.   Over the years I’ve made an astonishing discovery.  Whatever I am feeling, whatever emotion comes over me as I create a scene, is transmitted to the reader.  If I laugh out loud, I know the reader will laugh as well.  The same is true with other emotions as well.  If the scene is heart wrenching and sad and I cry, I strongly suspect my reader will pull out a few tissues along with me.  When I put my heart out on the page, it links with that of my reader.  It’s this feeling of reaching out and touching someone else with my words that compels me to write.   And when I receive feedback from readers who say they laughed or cried along with my books, it encourages me to keep writing.

I think that you’ve said it well. If I don’t make myself cry or laugh while I’m writing, I can’t expect my readers to. And the emotional connection between readers and writers is true and strong, special.

3-In what ways does your heroine show strength? And where does she draw this strength?


Debbie Macomber Blossom Street Brides
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In my current book, BLOSSOM STREET BRIDES, Bethanne Scranton is newly married to Max.  They are crazy in love and grateful to have found a second chance at love, but Max has a business that needs his close attention in California and Betheanne’s business and family are in Washington state.  While they struggle to find time to be together, Bethanne’s ex-husband is creating an atmosphere of distrust in hopes of getting Bethanne back.  It is their love for each other, with the support of family and friends, that gives Bethanne and Max the strength to make difficult decisions to create a new life together.”–Debbie

Debbie, thanks for being my guest today. And keep writing those wonderful books (oh and knitting too. :-)–Lyn

For more about Debbie on the web:
Twitter:  @debbiemacomber

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8 Responses to Lyn Interviews Best-Selling Author Debbie Macomber

  1. Joanne Hill says:

    I met Debbie when she came downunder to the Australian and NZ romance writers conferences back in 2006. I think Susannah’s Garden had just come out. It was great meeting her and Wayne. They were such lovely (but exhausted!) people. Thanks for the inteview, Lyn.

  2. Lyn Cote says:

    It has truly been a pleasure hosting Debbie this week. And I’m so happy to hear from so many other Debbie fans!

  3. Barbara bell says:

    I just finished reading Blossom Steeet Brides, as I’ve read most of your books, I’m waiting on the sequel to rose Harbor Inn andRse Harbor in bloom, Can’t wait

  4. Mary ann Mostafavi says:

    I have read many books from the cedar cove series. I love it but since I read Kindle books I can’t tell if I read them all. I need a chronological list please.

  5. Mary ann says:

    I have read many books from the Cedar Cove series. Love it but I can’t figure out if I read them all. I need a chronological list please.

  6. I’ve read all of Debbie Macomber’s books and love her! I might be one of her biggest fans as I have a Debbie Macomber shelf – and that’s overflowing. I just started reading Blossom Street Brides and know I’ll love it. The Blossom Street series is my very favorite. Now I’m enjoying the Cedar Cove series on the Hallmark Channel. So happy to see Debbie here on your blog!

  7. I love the diary story. In my case, it was an evil younger sister. 😉 I have also heard Debbie speak and found her so inspiring. I can’t wait to read the new Blossom Street book!

  8. Tea says:

    I’ve read a few of the Cedar Cove series. That series is just like going home to meet with old friends. I need to find the title of the book where I left off.