Wisconsin Poet R. Genie McKenzie & Mother and Daughter Poems

Mother & Daughter

I have the pleasure today of hosting a local friend from my church, Wisconsin Poet R Genie McKenzie and two of her poems I thought were especially appropriate for this month when we celebrate mothers and daughters. Enjoy!


Little Blossom,

Spring from roots of love,

Returns to us

Her nectar.

Alissa, My Flower

Alissa, my flower,

So fragrance and sweet,

Dear father, I lay her

At your blessed feet.

Bathe her in Son-light

From her precious Lord

Feed her with wisdom

From your holy word.

Help her to blossom

Through joy and through woe,

To show your sweet fragrance

With all that she may know.

Let her remember,

Whatever life gives,

My love will be with her

As long as she lives.

Genie is a dear woman who loves my books! 🙂 Hope her tender poems gave you a lift!–Lyn


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2 Responses to Wisconsin Poet R. Genie McKenzie & Mother and Daughter Poems

  1. Tea says:

    Yes, the poem is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

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