Amish Vampires–What Do You Think? — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks, Juanita! Hope you like it!

    And thanks, Marion! I appreciate the prayers for this book. It’s really interested me how many reviews of this book really like that vampires are finally evil again! I think vampires became the ultimate bad boy and so entered that fantasy of women taming their bad boys. But who was tamed? Who was really changed? Hope you enjoy the book! And thanks for the comments and thoughts. Best wishes on your books!



  2. I have been waiting for this book ever since I heard that story about the writer’s conference! Congratulations!! It’s about time. I know Christian authors have had a terrible time getting vampire stories published, and if anybody ought to be writing about the struggle between good & evil, it’s us! My own (still unfinished, due to various other projects) vampire novel has an Amish vampire in it (he’s the villain, not the hero vamp), thanks to that comment about combining the two types of fiction, but it’s set on the West Coast, and I’m sure bears absolutely no resemblance to your book, Leanna, which I can’t WAIT to read! I agree with Susan M about the sex in most vampire books. When did writers decide vampires were sexy, anyway? The original vampire stories couldn’t have been less romantic! I checked one out of the library recently, a sort of chick lit vampire story, and am just appalled at not only all the sexual references, but the obscenities falling casually out of people’s mouths. And the newly born vampire seems to think she’s a Christian. Hello! Not according to scriptural standards. So we need to set a new standard, and you, Leanna, and Sue Dent and (hopefully in the not-too-distant future) others (including me) can share God’s love with people in this always fascinating art form.

    Thanks again for hearing the comment, listening when the Lord spoke to you, and then following His guidance to do this. May He bless it so much that even Christian publishers will see that there is a place for vampires, etc., in their supernatural fiction section.

    Now, I’m off to finish editing and working on illustrations for the children’s book He’s been after me to get published. (Everyone reading this, please pray the Lord will bless & prosper this project & help me to get it done! Thanks!!!) God bless you Leanna, Lynn, and all the Strong Women!

  3. Wow, sounds intriguing, would love to win one of those. Putting that on my wish list.

  4. Hi, Susan M! Thanks for your interest. You are not the only one who has felt convicted about reading any books with explicit sex scenes in them. I would say my book is rated PG. So you shouldn’t have any worries. Hope you enjoy the book! And thanks, StrongWomen! You are right. Thanks, Lyn for having me here today! Blessings, Leanna

  5. I used to read vampire books and watch the movies. Not so much anymore because there was a lot of graphic sex in them. God spoke to me on reading those things I have pretty much stuck to Christian fiction since. I do have to say though that this story does intrigue me and I believe I will give it a try.

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