Author Leann Harris & Forgiving the Unforgivable — 13 Comments

  1. Love Corrie Ten Boom and really enjoy reading about WWII in historical fiction or non-fiction. My mother experienced some hard times in WWII in Germany, and am so happy to have all these stories written. Very precious to me.

  2. Leann, your book sounds very interesting. I am always intrigued by those stories where the hero and heroine have to work together in an uncomfortable situation, such as a marriage of convenience, and then feelings grow.

    Hardest part of forgiveness…well I think it is that you are not necessarily going to have any good thing reciprocated. I had to forgive someone who had treated me and my family very badly years ago and forgiving was hard. I finally had to realize that it was always going to be all on my side…nothing from hers. Things are better now, but not as they were. But, my heart is light about it and the hurt is no longer there.

  3. One hard part of forgiveness comes with judgement. Are they really sorry? The thing is God is the judge, not us. As far as asking for forgiveness, sometimes we don’t think we did anything wrong. We are too busy placing blame on others to realize that we have need of asking for forgiveness. I think war involvement is one of the hardest things to forgive and be forgiven for. This story sounds great.

  4. You sometimes have to dig deep to forgive. Hurt feelings, crushed pride… is tough! Turning it over to God in prayer makes a huge difference. With God’s help, time heals.

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  5. The hardest part about forgiveness is actually doing it. It is so easy to say that we forgive someone, but when it comes to the moment of actually doing it, that is where the struggle is. To get past the hurt, anger, feeling of betrayal and so much more that is the moment that one struggles the most. But oh the freedom that comes from truly forgiving is such a blessing and relief. To no longer having those negative feelings hanging over ones head is a huge sigh of relief. Nothing is unforgivable, but some things seem harder to forgive than other things. I love the story of Corrie Ten Boon.

  6. The Last Truth sounds like a powerful story! I think letting go of the hurt, anger, or other emotions is a hard part of forgiveness.

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