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  1. I support impoverished children through World Help, which allows them to stay with their families, get medical care, and go to school. I have traveled the world and seen first- hand the deplorable conditions. World Help allows me to support a child in the name of Christ. They are a Christian organization who connects needy children with sponsors, and the needs are great.

  2. St. Judes…Am so thankful that my grandchildren have not been in need of St. Jude’s…

  3. Danie, there is a place where you can check on charitable organizations to see whether they are good places to donate. There are some who don’t use donations wisely, but there are some very good ones.

  4. I support Royal Rangers because my husband is a leader and it is all about reaching boys for Christ. Also animal shelters. My daughter takes in so many strays.
    I love her books and she is on my wall. As much as I love yours Lyn.

  5. hi Lynn,

    I don’t support any Charity groups. Have heard not so nice things about them so I don’t.

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