Lyn Talks Flash Fiction & Asks to Beard or Not to Beard?

Friends, I need opinions and will be giving an ebook away to a commenter.

I am in the process of writing the last book in my “Quaker Brides” series. The first book Honor debuted last September.

Honor web friendly

And the next book, Blessing, will be released this coming July.


And I also self-published “Where Honor Began,” the novelette which is a prequel to Honor in November.


But authors are always mentally working on the next project. My novella, “For Sophia’s Heart,” has been a reader-favorite for several years

For Sophia's Heart

And many have requested more of Sophia. I’m planning on writing a new novella about one of Sophia’s brothers and then one about Sophia’s daughter to round out this family saga set at the turn of the twentieth century in the far northwoods of Wisconsin.

I think that I am going to use this setting for the flash fiction I intend to write here on my blog. If you recall, flash fiction is a VERY short story. And I am going to use this setting to begin to create the people who live in the northwoods in a logging area around 1900. What do you think?

And I need you to give me your honest opinion. In this setting and time period will be a lot of lumberjacks and trappers and I need to know–

QUESTION: Do you object to or like heroes with beards? Leave a comment and I’ll enter you into a drawing for an ecopy of “For Sophia’s Heart.”–Lyn



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Lyn Cote welcomes other authors to her "Strong Women, Brave Stories" blog to share stories of women who triumph over the challenges common to all women.
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8 Responses to Lyn Talks Flash Fiction & Asks to Beard or Not to Beard?

  1. I always like it when an unassuming hero is swathed in a beard for the first part of a story, then shaves it off halfway through and causes all the girls in town to swoon over how good looking he is 😉

  2. amyc says:

    Beards don’t bother me at all. My husband grows a beard from time to time and I like it. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Dent says:

    Sounds good . It does not bother me about tbe beard . I woukd think lumbermen and trappers would have a beard . Looking forward to this one .

  4. Lis K says:

    I don’t object to heroes with beards as long as it fits into the story. I would expect lumberjacks and trappers to have beards.

  5. Britney Adams says:

    I don’t usually have a preference. When I think of lumberjacks and trappers, however, I do picture men with beards. I’m excited about these upcoming stories!

  6. Anna Bowling says:

    Whatever suits the character best is what works for me. Some men suit beards, some do not, and a man who is comfortable in his own skin, including facial hair (presence or absence) is what’s most attractive. I think a beard would be more appropriate than not in this setting, but, again, whatever best fits the character is usually the wisest choice.

  7. Sonja says:

    I don’t object, no. It seems rather to fit the scenario that you have described.

  8. Jodi says:

    Heroes with beards are good. Snow on a dark beard makes a good mental picture, but a wet beard does not (envision wet dog). I know many outdoors men who wear a beard, maybe that is my basis for opinion?

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