Lyn Reviews Author Janet Tronstad’s A Dropped Stitches Christmas & Book Giveaway & Thanks for Cover Comments — 15 Comments

  1. I haven’t read the one you are talking about, but would like to. I did read
    Holiday Hideout Lynette Eason. Oh, I loved this book, really well written, with tons of action, great suspense! If you like mystery, then you must read this.

  2. I like all of Janet T’s books so this one will be no exception I am sure.
    I am reading all Christmas books in December and one that stands out is
    “The Christmas Singing”
    thanks for sharing today, enjoy your snow wish we had some.
    Paula O

  3. Hi Lyn,
    I got my first Dropped stiches book the other day from the fall festival so would love to win this one.
    On Christmas stories to have a favourite is so hard. I think so far my favourite this year is Jillian Harts Snowflake bride. I also loved her and Janets Mail Order Christmas brides. I love reading christmas novels and have read quite a few this year. Its funny reading about the cold weather and white christmas when we have warm days (this come from someone wanting high 80’s for christmas!).

  4. I just read The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman for a reading group. It was pretty good. I especially liked all the cookie recipes.

  5. I love the title of this book, I knit but not very good and I’m always dropping stitches and end up with holes, lol. I do much better at crocheting!

    There are so many good Christmas stories out there, I’ll just pull one out of the ‘fog’ in my brain and say The Christmas Shoes.

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  7. I’ll have to look up that book, Helen! And I understand, Marianne, sometimes a book hits too close to home. Sorry to hear about your aunt.

  8. I love Love Inspired romance novels! They are my favorite books to read. I just read Miracle On I-40 by Curtiss Ann Matlock. It wasn’t LI but it was still good.

  9. Dropped stitches is one i haven’t read…not sure i want to as my dear aunt was just diagnosed with leukemia after dealing over 20 years with breast cancer. The Log Cabin Christmas will become my favorite Christmas book! Thanks for the giveaway

  10. I am glad that you found A Dropped Stitches Christmas uplifting.

    I’m sure you’ll find the perfect cover, notwithstanding the diverse views. Had not, in my comment, considered mechanics of print on trees.

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