Lyn Reviews Missy Tippens’ THE GUY NEXT DOOR (Giveaway) & Announces Winners! — 7 Comments

  1. My next door neighbors were an older couple, Mr and Mrs Weinhardt. I think he might have been retired, and she worked at the elementary school. They had the most beautiful yard! Every year they added new things and it was absolutely gorgeous and the smells that drifted our way we’re heavenly!!!

    The ‘guy next door’ sounds just like my husband. The whole ‘way things should be’ and the ‘way they are’!!! I’ll have to read it to see how to handle MY guy! 🙂

  2. I remember my next door neighbors when I was growing up. Mr. & Mrs. Alexander . They were an older couple and loved to sit on their back porch and my brothers and I play baseball. They cheered each of us on and made us feel special.

  3. My neighbor from when we were growing up. Mrs Hinson and her husband but especially the Mrs. They had a huge garden in their backyard. They didn’t have any kids and almost their whole yard was a garden. She was like another grandma to us. She would either pick the berries and vegetables to give us or she would let us come in and pick the berries. They had blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. They were yummy. She was also always giving us cookies she baked. She was a very sweet lady.

  4. I remember the family who lived across the street because they let me and my siblings join in their Easter egg hunt one year.

  5. Mary was my BFF and next door neighbor. Fond memories from elementary school through high school

  6. Thanks for featuring my book, Lyn! Thanks also for passing it along for someone else to read. 🙂

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