Author Patty Smith Hall & Mama’s Chili — 6 Comments

  1. Diane, I love my crock pot! Couldn’t live without it–neither could my husband or our girls because crock pot recipes are my go-to meals. Particularly roast–I’m GREAT at roast!

    Thanks for coming by!

  2. I’m a good cook of simple recipes, especially crock pot recipes! I’m definitely going to make the chili recipe Patty shared! Crock pot recipes are my favorites! Thank you for sharing the recipe and telling us about your book. I would love to win and read it.

  3. I’m a crockpot kind of girl too, Pauline. Or those cooking bags where you stick everything in and it comes out nice and tender. I’m all for those! Thanks for coming by!

  4. Hey Nora! Danny wants to take cooking lessons once he retires–he keeps telling me he’ll take over the kitchen then. All I can say is Praise the Lord! I’ll gladly give him my oven mitts!

  5. Hi, Patty and Lyn;

    I’m a cook book kind of gal. My husband is the chef at our house and the creative one in the kitchen. I go into the kitchen and don’t see anything to cook and Fred goes in there and makes something amazing. Cooking is not my gifting. I’m EXCITED about your new book Patty. This sounds interesting!! I’ve shared about it on FB and twitter!!

  6. Good morning Lyn and Patty,
    Good to hear someone else say they are not a cook, I like my crockpot for this reason, as I too don’t like to cook- but do like to eat. easy meals when put together in a crockpot. Chili recipe sounds like a winner. I have tomatoes from the garden now.
    I enjoy reading books by Patty and see you often on goodreads with so many other good authors. thanks for sharing about your book today.

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